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Scholarships for up to 8 women

  • ready to make a change
  • with no minor dependents at home
  • committed to attend and participate in weekly sessions
  • interested in building community with others
  • open to a Biblical foundation and a 1-on-1 Christian mentor


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  • Help choose class topics tailored to your strengths and interests
  • Make a difference for yourself, your classmates, and future participants


Click here -or- contact Carol Polk or Michelle Minnich.

​A new semester of in-person classes with up to 7 women will begin on August 12th, 2021 with COVID precautions


Carol accepts laptop from Solve, Inc.

Because Pivot supporters ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ during a recent contest hosted on Facebook — WE WON! We had 10 times the number of likes and shares as the runner up.

Pivot was one of seven local nonprofits in the running for a free laptop from Solve, Inc., a Triad-based Information Technology company.  Wendy Dixon of Solve presented the brand new laptop to Carol Polk on Friday, July 9th at noon. (View video here.)

Now we’ll have a dedicated computer in the Pivot classroom for instructors to use for their presentations! Thanks to Solve and our supporters for making this possible!

Annual Meeting

PIvot Ministry’s Annual Meeting was held, via Zoom, on May 26th.   A recording of this meeting is available using the link below:

Annual Meeting Recording
Access Passcode:  N2J%Jyj?  (Hint: copy before clicking the above link)

Note: Skip forward to 1:30 into the recording to avoid the wait-time at the beginning as the meeting starts…

May ’21 Newsletter Honors Pivot Volunteers!

Explore Pivot’s May 2021 newsletter to:

  • Celebrate our volunteers and be amazed at the number of hours they invest in Pivot
  • Hear from seven volunteers through short testimonies of what Pivot has meant to them
  • Gain a graduate’s perspective on Pivot and our fabulous, selfless volunteers
  • Find a link to our graduate’s book, available on Amazon
  • Consider how you can find your “sweet spot” with Pivot.

Save the Date – May 26, Noon – 1PM:  Pivot’s annual meeting will be virtual, with details and invitations to follow.  Plan to join us to learn more and be inspired.

Thank You for Helping Me Pivot

Click here to read Pivot’s November 2020 newsletter. (PDF, 828 kb)

Be inspired as you:

  • Meet our new employee, Angie
  • Glimpse into the future – and join us
  • Learn of God’s transforming work in Ann’s life

I didn’t think anyone could look beyond my past. Following rehab and jail, I moved back home with my mom, was jobless, had no license, and had lost custody of my daughter. In jail, I had turned to God, not that I didn’t believe in Him, but didn’t think He could love me after all I had done. To say the least, I was unsure of a lot, except that God loved me and wanted me to have faith, not fear.

My pastor’s wife told me about an opportunity that would provide tools for change. I immediately committed… READ MORE

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Ministering during Unprecedented Unemployment

Thanks to Pilot Mountain Baptist Association (PMBA) for letting us provide this link to their video recording of Carol Polk’s presentation on April 29th, 2020.  Based on lessons learned through Pivot, Carol shares how we, as the body of Christ and during unprecedented unemployment, can mobilize others and minister to folks in life-changing ways.

Pivot Announces Inaugural Board of Directors

The plan for Pivot Ministry at its inception was to become a separate nonprofit organization, and the process has begun.   Even before finalizing bylaws, creating articles of incorporation, or filing with the IRS and the state of North Carolina, Pivot’s first step in the separate nonprofit process was to form an official Board of Directors to replace its Preliminary Advisory Council.  June 18, 2019, marked the first meeting of the new board, which is made up of Forsyth County men and women who have a wealth of experience and a wide diversity of background and skills. Members of the inaugural board include Darryl Sawyer, Harold Holmes, Heather Witt, Holly Brower, Jill Lackey, Kenneth Pettigrew, Mike Nuckolls, Sherry Ramsey, and Tracey Martin.  Click here to read more about the board.

Pivot Ministry: Changing Women’s Lives One at a Time

The following article originally appeared in the July 2018 edition of Forsyth Family magazine and is republished here with the permission of Forsyth Family.

Most people do not know there are more than 20,000 working-aged women in Forsyth County living in poverty. Or, that as many as 5,000, or 25% of those women, do not have minor dependents in the home. Since census data are not specifically gathered to identify this demographic, the statistical interpretations vary from source to source. 1

Who should care and why do these statistics matter?

First, everyone should care.

Second, as compared to single women with dependents who do receive assistance, women without dependents have limited access to assistance and resources, which can make all the difference in these women’s lives, to their families, in their relationships and to the community at large.

Enter Pivot Ministry

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “pivot” as a verb means “to turn on or as if on a pivot.”

Envisioned in 2015 and initially funded by Ardmore Baptist Church, Pivot Ministry is based on the successful 20-year-old model of the Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps®. Pivot’s objective is to empower low-income women for better life and income-producing opportunities through classes in life and job skills, and Bible study, supported and sponsored by local community resources.

According to Carol Polk, the Executive Director and Site Coordinator of Pivot Ministry, “We found these women’s requests for assistance are often denied; therefore, we determined our initial target group would be these underserved women, whether they are married or single.”

During the semester and following graduation, each participant partners with a one-on-one Christian mentor to guide them as they complete their class work and begin their new personal journeys. To begin, a woman must be referred and screened before earning a scholarship to participate free of charge.

New Skills from Education and Support

The ministry launched its first class with seven women on March 1st, 2018. They met as a small group one day each week for classes and a shared meal for the sixteen-week semester.

Each of the sixteen program-days was broken up into 3-5 sessions that varied from week to week. Topics included Financial Management, Interviewing Skills, Behavioral and Mental Health, Change and Decision-making, Conflict Management, Women’s Health, as well as Perseverance and Succeeding in life and the workplace, among others.

Community Comes Together to Support the Program

For more than two years, Pivot worked developing collaborative relationships with local organizations to identify gaps in service to this demographic cohort and strategizing how to work together. They also developed customized content with input from the participants, which is consistent with an asset-based community development approach.

Polk assured, “Without the support of the community, our partners and sponsors, we could not deliver this high-quality instruction to our participants. The skills they learn and the relationships they forge among themselves, with their mentors, the instructors and sponsors, empowers them to approach their lives and future employment with new eyes and experiences grounded in the training we provide.”

She continued, “I watched our participants flourish! They have hope, specific goals, and a sense of achievement. We have built a strong, supportive community in this small group and hope they will continue those relationships for many years to come.”

Pivot’s community partners include Allegacy Federal Credit Union,Ardmore Baptist ChurchFinancial Pathways of the Piedmont(formerly Consumer Credit Counseling), Forsyth Technical Community CollegeGoodwill Industries of NWNCTotally Responsible Person(TRP), various departments of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Debbie Loftis, who teaches LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are.

Graduation Day

The first class of seven women received their achievement certificates on Saturday, June 23rd, at Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. Margaret Johnson, longtime news anchor for WXII News 12, was the featured speaker, and Eddie Bines, a Winston-Salem vocal artist, was the featured singer.

A new group will begin in August 2018.  For more information, visit


1 Map, Forsyth County, N.C.,; Forsyth Futures; the City of Winston-Salem; The Women’s Fund; and the Department of Social Services