Greetings Pivot Partners, Donors, and Friends,

Please join me in a heartfelt expression of appreciation to our Inaugural Executive Director (ED), Carol Polk.  Carol informed the Pivot Board of Directors of her intent to retire this coming October.  We are sincerely grateful for the extraordinary service that Carol has provided to our organization.  Her dedication, commitment and visionary leadership have been the key ingredients of our success.  We owe Carol a debt of gratitude for her significant contribution to Pivot.  To say that we will miss her, seems insufficient.  We are saddened by her departure, yet we are so excited for her opportunity to travel, spend time with family and enjoy the benefits of retirement.  Her many years of service to ministry warrants an opportunity for her to reap the fruits of her labor. Dedicated staff, Michelle Minnich and Ivonne Guerra will remain in their part-time positions, continuing operational effectiveness.

Pivot is making a Pivot.  We are embarking on a search for a new Executive Director (ED).  We are confident that the mission of this organization will continue to move forward with vision and purpose, as it was designed to do.  Our board of directors appointed a special committee comprised of diverse members of the community and current board members to assist us with our ED search.

Pivot’s web site has the ED job announcement.  Please share it with your network and associates.  You will also see this announcement posted on many job boards, job sites, social media and in local publications.

We all know that Carol is irreplaceable.  Nevertheless, we are confident that with the support of our partners, the diligent work of our search committee, and the thoughtful guidance of our board of directors, we will find an exemplary candidate.

Change is the only constant.  Pivot, an organization founded on the principle of resiliency, will continue to thrive through the change, and you can be a vital part of that thriving.


Jill Lackey, Board Chair
Pivot Ministry, Inc.