Lunch for Participants

Will you provide a meal for the participants in Pivot Ministry? They so appreciate the love and nourishment you offer! Please click on the button below to review the available dates and to sign-up.

Please call the week of your meal(s) to confirm headcount and other details! [Pivot Staff: Michelle Minnich 336.207.3890 or Carol Polk 336.971.4878]


  • How Many: Between 6 and 8, depending on the week and whether instructor(s) and/or a volunteer are eating with us.
  • What to Bring: Add more meals if you plan to eat with the class, as COVID protocols allow. Let’s discuss. Individuals or small groups only. We will set up the room to accommodate socially distanced seating.
  • Preferences: Healthy salads with protein (any type) and a limited quantity of “healthy” bread. Please be sure there is dressing provided with each salad.
  • Desserts: ALL our current participants are eating wisely, but they do enjoy a little dessert (especially chocolate). They request desserts that are healthy (e.g., fruit) or sweet treats provided in limited quantities.
  • Allergies: Tomatoes, watermelon and walnuts.
  • Safety: Please ensure that each salad/meal is individually packaged. No buffet servings during COVID, please. If fruit or dessert is provided in bulk, staff will serve with gloves, without sharing the serving utensils.


  • Location: The Enterprise Center, 1922 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Generally in the large conference room on the second floor, with few exceptions.
  • Parking: Park in the back of the building, with main entrance in back nearest to Wilbur Street.
  • Time: Deliver between 11:30 and 11:45 am.
  • Contacts: Upon arrival of food – delivered by you or caterer – please text both Michelle and Carol Polk. [336.207.3890 and 336.971.4878]


Feel free to prepare and deliver the meals yourself or order from anywhere to have delivered or to deliver personally. Here is a list of caterers based in the Enterprise Center’s shared kitchen; they all come highly recommended. Not required or expected, but provided for your convenience:

  • Flava Catering (Shirley Hayes, 336-287-5441)
  • LeanBack Soul Food (Crissy Faison, 336.646.8974) Salads with protein = $12-13
  • Simply Obvious Catering (Demetrius Rolle, 336.615.1363) Large salad with protein = $12; minimum order = 8; orders must be in by noon the day before.
  • Trice’s EATZ (Patrice Jeffreys, 336.407.3136) Individual salads with protein = $15-16