By Debbie Loftis

“Hi, Carol. Long time no see. How are you?”
“Well, I’m leaving my firm to start a job ministry for women.”
“I’d like to talk with you about that.”

That conversation took place more than two years ago, and this spring I had the privilege of jump-starting a journey of self-discovery for seven beautiful women, the first Pivot Ministry participants. Over a ten hour series, we became acquainted with some heady ideas and made initial tracks on new life. We examined our Life Gifts, innate skills that come to us naturally and get better with practice. We claimed our Spiritual Gifts that tell us we are doing God’s work. We unpacked our gift of Personality, inherent preferences of collecting and sorting information and interacting with the world. Next, we identified our Values, our individual convictions that govern our decision-making. We then considered our Passions, recognizing them by our dreams and motivations to make a difference. As if that weren’t enough, we traveled onward looking for the path to set our direction (our Mission) and imagined where that road could lead (our Vision).

Throughout our journey, we overlaid our discoveries with a holy perspective and, in the end, walked away with assurances.

  • God made me in a wonderful way.
  • God gave me gifts of skill, personality, and passion to use for good.
  • God gave me a spirit of power, love, and self-control.
  • God will complete good work in me.
  • God can do more through me than I can ask or imagine.

With each session, I witnessed growth in first one woman then another. Fear gave way to hope. Timidity flowed toward confidence. Self-worth took root. Throughout our classes, the ladies showed interest in my reference material, so Pivot agreed to buy each participant a set of the three primary books: LifeKeys – Discover Who You Are, Do What You Are, and The Path. Two generous Handicrafters, Jo West and Linda Cline, tied each set with a colorful bow and added their signature red felt heart. On our last day of class, as I placed the books in their hands, each woman cried out, laughed, and wept simultaneously. We all hugged – and hugged some more – with palpable excitement. After a calming breath, one lady looked into my face and quietly asked, “Are these really for me?” “Yes,” I answered. “To take home?” “Yes.” She closed her eyes, hugged the package to her chest, and murmured, “I’ll put them beside my bed.”

The moment was holier than I could ask or imagine.

Debbie’s passion is helping others discover and fulfill their giftedness..